Only the best fruit of selected olive trees which grow on Cretan mother earth, picked according to specific standards, at their best stage of ripening offer this unique extra virgin olive oil. Cultivation, harvesting and solely cold extraction method conform to internationally certified procedures, thus guaranteeing the value of the final product. Cretans expertise and affection create this unmatchable olive oil of extremely low acidity. It offers a unique experience of fine taste, scented with Mediterranean flavors in ideal proportions. One, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil pairs your most gourmet choices.


This superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the renowned Peza Herakleion Protected Designation of Origin region of the Crete Island. It is obtained directly from olives harvested in Crete, Greece and solely by mechanical means. The local micro climate, soil and altitude give this olive oil its characteristic full taste, translucent tincture and very low acidity, highly prized attributes throughout the Mediterranean. It is a ‘brand’ taste chosen by demanding connoisseurs.


Agourelaion One, is a superior category, early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is produced in limited quantities every early new season (late autumn-early winter) from olives harvested in Crete, Greece and obtained solely by mechanical means. Agourelaion is nutritiously superior owing to its very low acidity and high content in natural antioxidants. It tastes distinctly spicy and conveys the rich fragrance of the early harvested fruit. Best served raw on freshly baked bread, it ideally pairs sea-food, white meat, steamed vegetable and green salads; it’s fascinating, exquisite and enjoyable!


Superior category extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity. It is obtained directly from olives harvested from the renowned Siteia region of Eastern Crete, Greece and solely by mechanical means. This extra virgin olive oil derives from selected producers of Lithines (a small village of Siteia region) with absolute respect for tradition and sustainable growth. The soil, the micro climate (mild winters, warm and dry summers) along with the air, are proved to be a real blessing making the whole region of Siteia, Crete an ideal place worldwide, for the cultivation of olive trees and production of extra virgin olive oil with a full body and rich fruity taste.


Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced directly from olives harvested in Crete, Greece from the best olive tree varieties. It is obtained solely by mechanical means with up-to-date cold extraction methods by people who know and love Greek, Cretan Olive Oil. It is redolent of the full, sweet, rich, typically Mediterranean flavor of the Cretan olives. Its characteristic, very low acidity and time-old, balanced and familiar taste renders it ideal for daily use with every meal.

About Us

Since the establishment we are proud to provide our US consumers with Greek Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and we constantly seek to develop our range of highest quality Greek products. Knossos is the Exclusive Importer and Distributor of One series Extra Virgin Olive. Our passion to inundate our clientele's needs with the Greek nutritional quality led us to support our partners with effective import solutions and enrich the market with the most reliable and profitable products. One series Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported directly from Greece and coming from selected olive groves. Our exported Olive Oil is unique by his color, exceptional taste and very low acidity, has an excellent quality and produced in Greece under the highest safety procedures.

Our Mission
Our mission is about improvement of the quality of life throught the introduction of high quality Olive Oil. We strive to offer you the best consumer experience:

Health and nutritional benefits
Taste and aromas of the ingridients
Modern and beautiful design of the packaging
Always fresh olives from the current season, never mixed with previous harvests or other oils
Consistently low acidity of less than 0.3%

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